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Best Film Scanner for a Mixed Film/ Digital Workflow

Not “Film vs Digital,” but “Film AND Digital.”  That is my Philosophy. I picked up my first camera somewhere around 1974. Obviously, I pre-date digital by more than a year or two.  I fell in love with what I considered the more creative end of photography, taking the pictures, but I pretty much hated the […]

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Pinhole Photography with your DSLR

Pinhole photography is always fascinating.  At one time or another almost all photographers experement with pinhole photography.  In the past you would need film and a darkroom to complete the pinhole process.  Now if you have an extra body cap and some aluminum foil you can turn your DSLR into a digital pinhole camera.

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12 Sweet Photo + Video Tips

Chase Jarvis is one of the Pros that often creates great training videos to educate the up and coming photographer.  In this video he talks about how to create Photo and Video shots that rival Pro Photographers.  If you are a Baller on a Budget or just looking for some great ways to reduce costs, […]

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100 Cameras in 1 iphone app shown on an iphone

Best iPhone Camera App

New 100 Cameras In 1 App is Available Now on the Itunes App Store. I have been following Trey Ratcliffover at for a few years now.  He is an amazing travel and adventure photographer.  He just came out with the new app for the iPhone, and ipod touch.

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View of the Ring Flash completed and lit up with the speedlight

Ring Flash : Build The Best Ring Flash DIY

I have been looking at different ring flash options for a few months now.  When I ran across this article on how to make a ring flash.  The article talks about how to make a ring flash similar to an Orbis Ring Flashor Ray Flash Adapter.  My results I call FRANKENFLASH.  I made the ugliest […]

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Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape photography is one of my favorite types of photography. Being out in nature is something that makes me happy. Landscape photography is as much about being in the right place at the right time as it is about know how to use your equipment to capture a wide open scene. The following landscape photography […]

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How to Photograph Fireworks Displays

It is that time of year again, summer is a time when many people all over the world photograph fireworks displays.  

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How Texture Can Make Your Photography POP!

Texture has been used by many Digital Photographers to bring their photography to the next level.  I have used texture in my work and I believe that there is a texture revolution going on in the digital photography world.  

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